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President of Park Attractions

In 1976 Michael DeStefano joined Stadium Motorsports Corporation as Executive Vice President and later became a Principle partner in the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Corporation in 1985. These two companies were the largest live motorsport entertainment producing companies in the U.S. at that time. 
After more than a decade of producing sold-out motorsporting racing events in major baseball and NFL football stadiums across the U.S., Mr. DeStefano formed his own company in 1998, MJD Sports Entertainment, which has produced over 200 motorsport racing TV programs that aired on ESPN and Speedvision. In addition, Mr. DeStefano produced international events, such as, indoor snowboarding events and Supercross events in Japan.  In 2001 Mr. DeStefano produced the 1st “U.S. Open of Supercross” event at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and after 3 years of sold out events, he sold the event to another entertainment company.  In November 2005, Mr. DeStefano formed East Gate Entertainment, LLC for the sole purpose to acquire the exclusive Paramount Theme Park licensing and development rights for the territory of Korea (for more info google: “Paramount, Korea, DeStefano). In 2006 Mr. DeStefano formed Pacific Entertainment Holdings LLC (PEH) to acquire the exclusive Paramount theme park and resort development rights for all of Japan.  In 2009, PEH acquired the exclusive Paramount development and licensing rights for 6 major provinces in China with exclusive rights to Paramount Studio’s biggest intellectual properties, like Mission Impossible, Titanic, Tomb Radars and many more.

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