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President of Distribution

Mr. Hart serves as SVP of Global Digital Cinema Operations for Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema and General Manager for the Deluxe/Echostar joint venture. Mr. Hart has spent the last ten years dedicated to digital cinema and has provided much of the innovation for the industry, including promoting a standard for HDD delivery globally, consolidated weekly delivery of digital trailers to theaters in North America, and managed the establishment of the majority of satellite installations in North America at theaters for digital cinema distribution.
Mr. Hart has worked integrally with every major Hollywood studio, as well as, mini-majors and independent studios and lmmakers in providing methods and servicesto distribute their lms worldwide. Mr. Hart has also established mastering and distribution operations to facilitate Hollywood content in China. In addition to his work in digital cinema, Joe brings twenty years of experience in the information technology industry including establishing installation and operation of one of the largest global high-speed internet access networks for the hospitality industry. Mr. Hart earned an MBA from Brigham Young University and a BA from Weber State University. Other technical certi cations earned include, CCNP, PMP, MCSE, CNE.

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