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“Fletch” began his film career in high school as a layout artist for XAM Animation Studio, creating layouts for Spiderman and The Transformers for television. There he become very familiar with storyboards and telling stories through pictures. He was soon offered a job at Walt Disney Animation Studios but turned it down to follow his long-time dream of live-action filmmaking.
Since that time he has worked as a storyboard artist on more than 65 feature films, including The World’s Fastest Indian, Sandlot, High School Musical 3 and A Life Less Ordinary. He has boarded hundreds of international commercials including the popular Foundation For A Better Life campaigns. He has also had extensive experience with large format IMAX® productions such as, Mysteries of Egypt, Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure and The Witness. Television has also been an large part of Mr. Fletcher’s career, visualizing and storyboarding dozens of various pilots and television series, including Charmed, Touched by an Angel, 7 Days, Extreme Rescue, Crossroads and Everwood.

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