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Before becoming a producing partner with Gerald Molen at WhiteLight Entertainment, Mr. Thomas worked with him on Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report”.  Prior to that, he worked at DreamWorks for several years, where he first served in the story department, collaborating on such projects as “Amistad”, “Deep Impact” and “Saving Private Ryan”. He quickly moved to feature development, where he played an active role with Jason Hoffs in the development of “Meet the Parents”, “Mouse Hunt”, “Road to Perdition”, “Small Soldiers” and several other films.

Mr. Thomas produced the film “TAKE”, starring Academy Award®-nominated actors Jeremy Renner and Minnie Driver, which has won many ‘Best of’ categories in festivals around the country and is currently producing the film “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” which is slated for a Christmas 2023 theatrical release.  

For more than 15 years Mr. Thomas has been producing and co-directing projects under the FletChet Entertainment banner where he co-directed the Anti-Child Trafficking documentary “The Abolitionists" and executive produced and directed a television series on the same topic.  Mr. Thomas just recently produced the 10 time award winning documentary “Waterman” which is narrated by Jason Momoa.  Waterman just completed its U.S. theatrical release and is now being distributed internationally.

Mr. Thomas has also founded the non-profit Abolish Child Trafficking, LLC where he does humanitarian work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  In those efforts he is building up communities and the leaders within those communities to reject and fight child trafficking from within.

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