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Historical Drama


Comparables: Downton Abby, Outlander

The drama series follows the lives of the family Broadstreet and their employees at the
Woodman’s Wharf in the tumultuous colonial era of 1765.
The series begins with the King of England signing the Colonial Stamp Act of 1765 and follows the ripple effect through a family of Colonial merchants in Boston during the ramp-up to the American Revolution.
The Broadstreet family is hard working and for the most part, a respectable name in Boston, having descended from the late governor. However, the political and moral tipping point is growing to a fever pitch inside their home. D. G. Broadstreet, son of the family patriarch, Colonel William Broadstreet, is a frustrated youth with dreams of leaving home and becoming an independent man. His father, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to just work and grow his fortune and security. Living under his father’s shadow is difficult and leads him into the pubs where talk of revolution is overheard by members of the Sons of Liberty.
The Broadstreet home is ransacked and plundered along with several other high profile homes, leaving the family with nothing in the first episode. This pushes the family to their breaking point, with some on either side of the colonial argument. Each with good reason, and the Colonel doing everything he knows how to keep them all together and safe.
Throughout the series, our fictional Broadstreet family bump into and off of many American heroes and actual events, but the story is not about those events or people. The goal of the series is to bring viewers into the lives of a group of enchanting, frustrating, romantic and glamorous characters similar to Downton Abbey, and to become part of the family.

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