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Espionage Thriller


Comparables: Three Days of the Condor, Bourne Identity, Firefox

His name isn't important.  He was once known as "Edward," although he hasn't been called that name in years.  His life has been carefully hidden to protect those he cares about from the dangerous game he plays with those surrounding him, watching ever so closely.

The Train wasn't empty.  It brought with it a secret he had managed to keep for sixteen years.  Maisie, his daughter, stepped into his life among a sea of those who aimed to take away anything and everything he ever loved or stood for.

Without knowing, Maisie has boarded a train headed straight into the lion's den.  The man once known as "Edward", has less than four hours to show her how to win this dangerous game.  Perhaps, most importantly, he has less than four hours to become a father again.

Sneak On The Lot Workshop 2019

For the last 20 years, Chet and Fletch have been hosting a summer workshop for high school teachers and students in Los Angeles.  During this week-long workshop, the attendees are joined by a handful of professional filmmakers from each department who teach while they all make a short film together.  Bound For Midnight was the workshop that was produced in 2019.

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